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    10 Sep 2018

    BD Art Editions

    Art is in the DNA of BD Barcelona. From their first collaboration with work by Salvador Dalí, one of the major artists of the 20th century, followed by bringing the work of Antoni Gaudí to the market, they have merged the work of great artists with their innate ability to breathe life into visual concepts. Seeking out new talents and working across cultures and disciplines to create a vibrant, artistic collection that includes work by not just the grand masters but also international talents including Jaime Hayon, Oscar Tusquets and Lluís Clotet. BD Art Editions creates limited editions and small numbered quantities of works by an eclectic group of artists united in their exceptional creativity. 

    A sheep with a drawer in its stomach, a chair that wears heels, these truly surreal works of art could only come from the mind of Salvador Dalí. Pioneering, avant-garde provocateur, Surrealist, as famous for his personality as his work, a true icon, his legacy remains unrivalled in the current century. Famously social, his many creative collaborations included the Parisian Jean-Michel Frank for whom he first drew Mae West’s iconic lips and produced the sketches for furniture that can been seen in his paintings. Thanks to their close ties to the Dalí Foundation and the talents of Oscar Tusquets, Robert Descharnes and Joaquim Camps, BD Barcelona have brought these master works from sketchbooks and paintings to reality. 

    Folklore, fantasy, history, the circus, animals, indigenous art, his native Spain and the cultural influences of his travels can all be seen in the vibrant artistic world of Jaime Hayon. His universe is at once sophisticated and playful, characterized by an immediately recognizable visual language that fuses humour with unbridled creativity. A powerful interplay between tradition and rule breaking. His work has been in major galleries and museums worldwide and is in several permanent collections. He has a long association with BD Barcelona who were among the first companies to recognize the maverick talents of this prolific artist. 

    A more recent example of BD’s dedication to craft, culture and bringing thought to reality. PostCraft is a collection that builds cultural bridges, inviting us to broaden our view of the world. A unique cross cultural collection that fuses East and West highlighting the creativity of each and bringing together 5 creative talents from the Middle East with the craftsmanship and expertise of BD Barcelona. An exploration of culture and heritage that reflects the rapidly changing world around us, it re-imagines regional, artisanal, skills and traditions through a contemporary lens. Conceived in collaboration with a diverse group of talents from four countries in the Gulf, including the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain and from several disciplines including art, architecture and interiors. 

    Accompanied with artisanal processes instead of mass production, BD Barcelona has always maintained closer proximity to art than industrial design. BD Art Editions is further characterised by superior quality, short-series productions, frequently limited editions and one-of unique pieces. Design meets art since 1972.