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    About the Artist

    Known both for his trademark moustache and his ground-breaking and avant-garde paintings, Salvador Dali’s art was the paradigm of the surrealist movement.

    Reaching the zenith of his career with the acclaimed ‘The Persistence of Memory’ featuring the celebrated melting clocks, Dali had an expansive repertoire of work beyond painting that spanned film, sculpture and photography. The famous ‘Lobster Telephone’ and ‘Mae West Lips’ sofa are functional forms of Dali’s art.

    Himself influenced by many styles of art from the classic Raphael and Vermeer to modernist techniques and his contemporaries, Dali’s work has gone on to impact many modern artists including Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons.

    Salvador Dali


    BD Barcelona

    From its emergence in Spain in the 1970s, the now world-renowned BD Barcelona has been seamlessly blending the boundaries between design and art ever since. Champions of craftsmanship and excellence, BD has always rejected mass production, holding beauty and originality as their guiding principles.

    Exclusively introducing Dali’s furniture collection, editing Gaudi’s furniture for his iconic buildings, and nurturing talented designers over five decades, has seen BD win multiple awards and set a high benchmark of design for superior and much coveted pieces.

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