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    About the Artist

    It is clear that Valerio Berruti carries a degree in art criticism. Influenced by art movements both evolving and established, Berruti brings the sensibility of an art connoisseur to the design of his much-lauded pieces for Gufram. Epitomising the jokey attitude we’ve come to recognise as the apotheosis of post-modern self-reflexivity, Berruti’s work graces leading design and art institutions across the world, including the Venice Biennial, the Pole Museum in Tokyo and the Nirox Foundation in Johannesburg.



    With more than a hint of pop art, the Gufram collection is both subversive and laugh-out-loud enjoyable. But belying the whimsy is a brand that’s had a profound influence on contemporary design for the last four decades.

    Gufram’s use of polyurethane was revolutionary in the creation of many of its iconic pieces, allowing it to push out the parameters of modern design, illusionism and conceptual art. Celebrated worldwide, Gufram is exhibited in permanent collections in MOMA New York and the Centre Pompidou in Paris, amongst others.

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