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    Ceretti, Derossi,

    About the Artist

    Starting from the middle of the Sixties, Giorgio Ceretti, Pietro Derossi and Riccardo Rosso have interpreted architecture and design as one of the means to participate into the social and political fights of the time. United in Turin under the aegis of the Sturm Group, of which they were the main guiding forces, they designed together the outfitting for those public places which have marked a time for Italian entertainment: the Piper Club and l'Altro Mondo in Rimini. With the technical collaboration of Piero Gilardi, they designed the first furniture in polyurethane foam with an anti design attitude and approach.

    With time their work acquired an educational, socio-political and cultural function, so much so that they were invited in 1972 to participate into an exhibition organised at MOMA in New York entitled Italy – the New Domestic Landscape and curated by Emilio Ambasz.

    Giorgio Ceretti, Pietro Derossi and Riccardo Rosso



    Gufram is an Interior Design Italian brand globally known for pushing the limits of industrial design. With its Radical Design spirit and its nonconformist experimentation linked to aesthetic, technological and material research, Gufram has created seats and interior design icons that have entered collective imagination: playful, subversive and desecrating products with a POP soul, willingly designed as anti-design items.

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