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Portlligat Sunbed

Salvador Dali
+ BD Barcelona

Limited Edition

1 OF 50

Coveted and iconic, each piece is numbered or marked to reflect its value and exclusivity.

Portlligat Sunbed

A very personal design piece imagined by Dalí for his house and garden. The Portlligat Sunbed (1962), one of Dalí’s own projects has a head, torso, ribs, arms, hands, legs and feet.

Salvador Dalí and his wife Gala had a house in Portlligat Bay, a little fisherman’s town near Cadaqués, situated on the Costa Brava. The place is a fusion of furnished rooms for the couple with different wooden pieces made by a local carpenter, Joan Vehí who worked for them for more than 35 years. All of the furniture was made from olive wood by Dalí’s express will. There were an abundance of olive trees in the area until there was a freezing winter in 1956. The trees that were within the grounds of his property were unable to survive the cold which converted them into a raw material for the carpenter’s works. It’s hardwearing and a very resistant wood especially for outdoors with which the sunbeds were made. From these they could enjoy the sun and the spectacular views.

Dated from the year 1962, and in the pictures of that time it can be appreciated that there were additional cushions which must have served to make them more comfortable for napping. The original sunbeds have been conserved. One has deteriorated quite a lot and remains at the very same house. The other, in which Dalí reclined, a ghostly character in his Teatre Museu in Figueres.

The reproduction that BD Barcelona presents, exclusively produced in the whole world in a numbered edition, in this case is made from iroko wood and is faithful to the original design and certified by the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation.






1 OF 50

Coveted and iconic, each piece is numbered or marked to reflect its value and exclusivity.


Predictably unpredictable, life delightedly emulates art with any piece from Dali, the master of surrealism.

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Solid Iroko wooden structure with polyamide wheels. Optional upholstered cushion with water repellent foam and material apt for outdoor use.